Hikes in the Reserve, free events and visits to the Nature Museum from June 2020

3 Jun

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The program of outdoor activities to enjoy the Gola del Furlo Nature Reserve from June to November 2020 – free events such as nature walks, visits to the archaeological area of the Roman tunnels along the via Flaminia, guided walks throughout the network of trails, observation of the golden eagles’ eyrie..- will be communicated by the staff of the Reserve in the next weeks.

In the meanwhile the Nature Museum and the attached Reserve’s Visitor Centre in the village of Furlo is going to reopen in June after the lockdown for the epidemic. It is necessary to wear a protective mask and to get a reservation. The Lorenzo Mannozzi Torini Nature Museum and the visitor centre will be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9.30am to 12.30am and from 2.30pm to 4.30pm. Address: via Flaminia 36 Furlo di Acqualagna. To sign up for a visit the reservation can be asked on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday by calling the number 0721-700041 from 9am to 1pm or by e-mail to the addresse riservafurlo@provincia.ps.it. Further information to enjoy the visit to the musem or to the protected area can be asked to the same phone number and e-mail address.

Waiting for the beginning of the organized events visitors can enjoy the Nature Reserve on their own. After visiting the Nature museum in the village of Furlo, hiking enthusiasts can explore the protected area and the Roman tunnels on the Via Flaminia. Hiking to scenic spots on Monte Pietralata and Monte Paganuccio is easy thanks to the new map of the trails and information which can be downloaded from the website www.riservagoladefurlo.it . Amazing easy walks can be made on the flat road to the Roman tunnels and to admire the view from Monte Pietralata.

Visits to Lorenzo Mannozzi Torini nature museum. The renewed museum hosts a large collection of stuffed animals, rocks and fossils. Interactive software transports visitors back millions of years on a journey to discover Gola del Furlo’s geological and anthropological history. An observation system has been established to allow visitors admire the eyrie of the golden eagles, built on the crags of Monte Paganuccio.

Hikes in the Nature Reserve with the free maps. The Nature Reserve visitor centre provides free maps and information in English to help visitors discover the nature and the history of the Reserve. Hikes in the Reserve are free and vary from short strolls in the area of the roman tunnels along the via Flaminia to more challenging walks to the mountain summits from where it is possible to enjoy awe-inspiring sights over the Apennines. The via Flaminia is the great road paved by the Romans in the III century b. C. to connect Rome to Rimini.

For further information or to be helped in signing up for the free events taking place from June to November visitors can contact Bonclerici House apartments for holidays in Cagli by the phone number 0039(0)721 1708302 or by the email address  info@bonclericihouse.it . Bonclerici House (www.bonclericihouse.it) believes in sustainable tourism and is partner to the Gola del Furlo Nature Reserve in the achievement of the european certificate for sustainable tourism (CETS).



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