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Book your hikes to the mountains and natural parks near Cagli.

Cagli is in fact a few kilometers from the favorite destinations for hikers in the north of the Marche: Mount Petrano, Mount Catria, Mount Nerone. And it is at the center of an area of natural parks which alone are worth a trip: the Gola del Furlo natural reserve, the Monte Cucco natural park, the Sasso Simone and Simoncello natural park, the Gola della Rossa natural park with its Frasassi Caves. Furthermore, Cagli offers the advantage of staying in a small city, rich in history and art treasures and equipped with all services.

Activetourism guides have prepared a calendar of hikes from March to November.

Contact Bonclerici House (mail: ; telephone: 0721 1708302) to organize your hikes during a holiday or to organize your weekend in Cagli taking advantage of the Activetourism calendar.

Activetourism’s environmental hiking guides are also available for your personalized itineraries and to accompany you on the paths of the Marche every day of the week. Contact Bonclerici House (mail:; telephone: 0721 1708302).