Amenities and Trips

Why take a holiday in Cagli? Cagli is not a village but a small town, provided with the necessary services for residents and visitors. And Cagli is also a town of great history, rich in art and blessed with such remarkable architecture which distinguishes it and gives it that particular charm by which Cagli is loved by so many people in the world. Bonclerici House apartments, situated in the historic centre of Cagli, are the right choice for those wanting to experience the authentic Italian way of life by walking on foot rather taking the car. Just a few steps away from the Bonclerici House apartments is the main piazza, the heart of Cagli, where there are shops, groceries and bars. It is there that one can enjoy the beauty of the town while sitting at an outside table. Frescoes by Raphael’s father Giovanni Santi in the church of San Domenico and those by Mello da Gubbio recently restored in the medieval church of San Francesco are worthy of a trip to Cagli by themselves. Visit also the 15th century Torrione by Francesco di Giorgio Martini, the tower symbol of the town hosting the Contemporary Sculpture Centre, a permanent exhibition of modern works; the Renaissance palace of the town hall, renowed by Francesco di Giorgio Martini, in the main square; Ponte Mallio, a great and intact Roman bridge along the consular via Flaminia; the 19th century Teatro Comunale, one of the most famous theatres in Le Marche, where throughout the year a rich programme of plays, concerts, ballets is offered.

To experience and tell home the authenticity of a vacation in Le Marche region, it is also recommended that guests take advantage of the many historic reenactments, religious traditions, popular feasts and sagras dedicated to the promotion of local cuisine in the province of Pesaro e Urbino and in the nearby Umbria. All year round these events are the opportunity to sample genuine and typical products such as truffles, mushrooms, pork meat, wild boar meat, home made pasta, polenta, crescia, wines, olive oil.

Ponte Mallio

Parco Naturale della Gola del Furlo

Panorama di Cagli

Massifs of the chain of the Apennines like Monte Catria, Monte Petrano and Monte Nerone and hills coexist around Cagli which is situated on a lower plateau (276 m) and whose territory opens to the sweet countryside of Le Marche. Cultural itineraries show the artistic towns and small villages throughout the North of Le Marche. Routes suitable for families lead to visit the natural reserve of the Gola del Furlo, the natural park of Monte Cucco, the untouched Monte Catria, Monte Petrano and Monte Nerone.

Cagli is the ideal base for day trips to visit unmissable places: Urbino (30 kilometres away from Cagli), Raffaello Sanzio’s native town, masterpiece of the Renaissance; Gubbio (26 km), the medieval town in the nearby Umbria famous for the candles’ race every year on May 15th; the Frasassi Caves (40 km); the Furlo natural park (15 km), with the romanesque abbey and the two Roman tunnels along the via Flaminia which can be visited also by the free audioguides provided by the tourist office. Driving to Umbria it is also possible to go to Perugia and Assisi (80 km). An excursus about the history of Cagli and the region is suitable to set the town in the past throughout periods like ancient Rome time, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Papal States, unification of Italy.  

Urbino - Palazzo Ducale

Gubbio - Teatro Romano